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Vagabond Players Abducting Diana

By • Jun 8th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Abducting Diana
The Vagabond Players
Vagabond Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Through June 26th
2:20 with intermission
Reviewed June 3rd, 2011

Abducting Diana is part political satire, part drawing-room comedy, and part absurdist comedy. It tells the story of what happens when a woman, possibly a DC publishing mogul or possibly her body double, is kidnapped. The production blends comedy of errors and fourth-wall breaking commentary with a piece that is actually examining the way that the media and capitalism are at work in American society.

The Vagabond Players, under the helm of Michael Spellman, do a good job of bringing this production to life. The blocking and physical comedy are right in line with the script. The lights and sound are effective. The set is an excellent representation of the backroom of an ice cream shop, with graffiti and a realistic walk-in fridge.

The highlights of the cast are the three kidnappers: Brian Douglas, Tim Craighead, and Frank Vince. All three men have strong stage presence and charisma, and create a gang of entertaining amateur kidnappers. Lucy Poirier (Mother) and Daniel Douek (Priest) also do excellent jobs in their small character bits in the second act. Mike Rosscoe is obviously a little “green,” but it works well for his character for most of the script. Andrea Bush is not bad when she is showing the commanding and dominant side of her character’s personality, but she lacks depth and believability in the more emotional moments and does not demonstrate a lot of levels or nuance to her performance.

Viewers should be warned that the production contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations.


  • Woman: Andrea Bush
  • Young Man: Mike Rosscoe
  • Chief Kidnapper: Brian Douglas
  • Kidnapper #2: Tim Craighead
  • Kidnapper #3: Frank Vince
  • Mother: Lucy Poirier
  • Priest: Daniel Douek

Production Staff

  • Director: Michael Spellman
  • Stage Manager: Barbara Pinkner
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Tavon Vinson
  • Fight Choreography: Rita Kidolis
  • Lighting Design: Bob Dover
  • Sound Design: Michael Spellman
  • Costumer: Diane Jackson
  • Set Design: Tony Colavito
  • Set Construction: Tony Colavito, Jay Demarco
  • Box Office: Pat David
  • Photography: Ken Stanek
  • Poster Art: Erika Meriaux
  • Poster/Program: Barb Gehring
  • For the Vagabonds: Karin Crighton, Ann Mainolfi

Disclaimer: The Vagabond Players provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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