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The Milburn Stone Theatre The Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music
The Milburn Stone Theatre
The Milburn Stone Theatre, North East, MD
Through August 28th
3:10 with one intermission
$18/$15 Seniors/$10 Children
Reviewed August 20th, 2011

Performing a well-known musical of which the audience has a preconceived expectation is quite an undertaking. Milburn Stone Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music has definitely met the challenge.

Entering the beautiful 400-plus seat theater, the well-executed set is enhanced by roaming nuns and chirping birds, which further create a feeling of sitting on the outskirts of an abbey in pre-World War II Vienna. Scenic artist Andrea Healy flawlessly created a realistic and easily transformable set. Scene changes were quick, smooth, and well-executed. Costume designer Gail Bareham does a fine job with recreating most period costumes, especially with all the Van Trap children. Unfortunately, some suits, dresses, and Third Reich uniforms were more modern and less authentic. However, with over a 100 costumes: Kudos! The lighting of the show was spot-on, creating the just right mood, feeling, and atmosphere. Especially stand out was the spotlight on Mother Abbess at the end of the wedding.

The stars of the show without a doubt are the Van Trap children: Christy Wyatt (Leisl), Cody Palmer (Friedrich), Angela Preziuso (Louisa), Silas Taylor (Kurt), Selah Latshaw (Brigita), Cosette Latshaw (Marta), and the adorably perfect Caitlin White (Gretl). All seven were truly triple threats. Wyatt is especially a standout. Her performance and that of Chad Michael Jervis (Rolph), who performs the role with perfect growth and emotion, in “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” is one of the highlights of the show.

Jillian Victoria gives a strong, affectionate, whimsical, and touching performance as Maria; it is easy to believe her love for the children and the children’s adoration for her. She and the kids practically bring down the house in “The Lonely Goatherd.” Boy, can that girl yodel! Joseph Mannherz (Captian von Trapp) delivers a slightly unbalanced performance. Playing the role with elegance and a calm demeanor, the strength and the pain of the captain did not come through in his acting. However when he sang, he conveyed every appropriate emotion to whomever he was interacting with. This is truly evident in his heart-wrenching version of “Edelweiss.”

Ted Cregger’s flawless comedic timing in his unconventional portrayal of Max Detweiler was delightful. Amy Dolan (Elsa Schrader) delivers a vocally strong performance most evident in “How Can Love Survive.” Marji Eldreth tackles the vocally demanding role of Mother Abbess. Eldreth puts great effort into the role but lacks a certain motherly maturity. However, except for a few pitchy notes, “Climb Every Mountain” is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Overall, the show is solidly musically directed by Michael Bareham, and the ensemble nails practically every note. A standing ovation to all of the sisters for their impeccable harmonies.

Choreographer Bambi Johnson proves without a doubt that simplistic and creative choreography is a beautiful thing, and it’s a joy to watch. Director S. Lee Lewis overcomes most challenges in the massive production. His interpretation and staging is bold, creative, and artistically well planned out. The twenty-one piece orchestra conducted by Bareham absolutely shines and pays a great homage to Rodgers and Hammerstein. This show is a must-see for the whole family. So hurry, run, “Climb Every Mountain” if you have to, but don’t miss The Milburn Stone Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music.

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Photos provided by Milburn Stone Theatre

Production Staff

  • Director: S Lee Lewis
  • Music Director: Michael Bareham
  • Choreographer: Bambi Jhonson
  • Costume Design: Gail Bareham
  • Sound Design: Marshal B Garrett
  • Scenic Design: Andrea Healy
  • Lighting Design: David Allen
  • Dance Captain: Charis Latshaw
  • Stage Manager: Kelly Rice
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Erick Lack
  • Master Electrician: David Allen
  • Master Carpenter: Bob Newton
  • Costumiere: Marji Elderth, Missy Wyatt
  • Carpenters: Tom Gorin, Dave Spacht
  • Sound Board Operator: Shane Springer
  • Light Board Operator: Kelly Rice
  • Fly Rail Operator: Brandon Gorin
  • Back Stage Crew: Tyler Peterson, Dave Spacht
  • Scenic Crew: Tyler Bristow, Kaitlyn Herrick, Mary Kay Herrick, Chad Jervis, Sam Kasehagen, Nina Krauss, Charis Latshaw, Rebekah Latshaw, AJ LoPorto, Russell Matthews, Cameron Moore, Kirk Moore, Tess Pohlhaus, Holly Osbourne, Joe Rowland, Laura Steimer, Mike Ware
  • Scenic Painters: Patricia Egner, Terrie Goins, Marty Gorin, Cyndie Kudrewicz, Sondra McKeever, serenity Rowland, Justine Quirk
  • Photography: Rachel Cox


  • Conductor/Piano: Michael Bareham
  • Flute 1: Heidi Maupin
  • Flute 2: Rachel Butera
  • Oboe/English Horn: Faye O’Brien, Hannah Taylor
  • Clarinet 1: Allison Opitz, Sara Egner
  • Clarinet 2: Christy McCall
  • Bassoon: Walt Osborne
  • French Horn: Tyler Bjerke, Jill Welsheimer
  • Trumpet 1:Ben Banas
  • Trumpet 2: Calvin Haupt
  • Trombone/Tuba: Ethan Hart
  • Percusion: Jim Cosby
  • Guitar: Anthony D’Errico
  • Violin 1: Rebekah Stratton, Christine Larson
  • Violin 2: Janice Nieves, Alison DePaola
  • Keyboard: Stephanie Carlock


  • Maria Rainer, A Postulant at Nonnberg Abbey: Jillian Victoria
  • The Mother Abbess: Marji Eldreth
  • Sister Berthe, Mistress of Novices: Justine Quirk
  • Sister Margarita. Mistress of Postulants: Patricia Egner
  • Sister Sophia: Cyndie kudrewicz
  • Captain Georg von Trapp: Joseph Mannherz
  • Franz, the butler: Brett Pearson
  • Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper: Jill Welsheimer
  • Leisl: Christy Wyatt
  • Freiedrich: Tyler Heiss (8/13, 8/19, 8/21 and 8/27 Performances)
  • Cody Palmer (8/14, 8/20, 8/26 and 8/28 Performances)
  • Louisa: Angela Preziuso
  • Kurt: Ned Way (8/13, 8/19, 8/21 and 8/27 Performances)
  • Silas Taylor (8/14, 8/20,8/26/and 8/28 Performances)
  • Brigita: Jillian VanLandeghem (8/13, 8/19, 8/21 and 8/28 Performances)
  • Selah Latshaw (8/14, 8/20, 8/26 and 8/28 Performances)
  • Marta: Joslyn Moore (8/13, 8/19, 8/21 and 8/27 Performances)
  • Cosette Latshaw (8/14, 8/20, 8/26 and 8/28 Performances)
  • Gretl: Marin Herrick (8/13, 8/19, 8/21 and 8/27 Performances)
  • Caitlin White (8/14, 8/20, 8/26 and 8/28 Performances)
  • Rolph Gruber: Chad Michael Jervis
  • Elsa Schraeder: Amy Dolan
  • Max Detweiler: Ted Cregger
  • Herr Zeller: Mike Ware
  • Baron Elberfeld: Joseph Rowland
  • Baroness Elberfeld Serenity Rowland
  • A New Postulant: Charris Latshaw
  • Ensemble:Tyler Bristow, Amanda DeFilippis, Terrie Goins, Brandon Gorin, Jhon Haynes, Samantha Kaesehagen, Nina Krauss, Charis Latshaw, Rebekah Latshaw, Chris Malafronti, Emily Malafronti, David Maupin, Steven Maupin, Sondra Mckeever, Cailyn O’Hara, Joseph Rowland, Serenity Rowland, Mary Spacht, Laura Steimer, Molly Strayer, Judith Townsley, Nicole Travers, Mike Ware, Chris Woerner, Bailey Woodruff
  • Nazi Dog #1: Oakley Motion vom Schazhaus

Disclaimer: The Milburn Stone Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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  1. Great review but Rolf’s name is CHAD MICHAEL JERVIS. The program misspelled his name. Thank You!

  2. Also you misspelled Marji Eldreth who play Mother Abbess. I saw the show 3 times and I didn’t think she was pitchy at all. She was amazing!!!

  3. Thank you Ms. Jervis for letting us know of the spelling mistakes. They have been corrected.

  4. I thought that the performances by all the actors were very good. Your critique about Joe Mannherz, though, having an unbalanced performance would go hand in hand with the stoicism of the leading lady. There was no chemistry whatsoever between the two. She was very good when it came to relating to the children or when she was with the nuns but she had did not come across as being “in love” with Captain Von Trapp which was the whole premise of the musical. I would imagine that it had to be quite difficult for Captain Von Trapp (Joe Mannherz) to emote feelings for someone when it was not reciprocated. All in all, the whole performance was very entertaining.