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Milburn Stone Theatre Seussical the Musical

By • Mar 24th, 2014 • Category: Reviews
Seussical the Musical
Milburn Stone Theatre: (Info) (Web)
Milburn Stone Theatre, North East, MD
Through March 30th
2:15 with intermission
$18/$15 Seniors, students/$10 Children (Plus Fees)
Reviewed March 21st, 2014

Milburn Stone delivers another incredible success with their current production of Seussical the Musical. Better yet, this is a family-friendly show that is appropriate for audiences of all ages. With larger-than-life set, costumes, light, and characters, it is no wonder that audiences are already pouring in to not miss this production.

The show is nothing short of visually stunning. The set is intricately designed in a style that is pure Seuss. The costumes are colorful and exciting. The choreography is non-stop excitement. There are also some incredible special effects used throughout the production. Watch out for the fish in the black lights or the amazing use of white gloves. There is also an incredible dance sequence using shadows. There is so much to watch and see from beginning to end.

These visual spectacular are further enhanced by an incredible cast. Jamie Verderamo leads the way as the mischievous and lovable Cat in the Hat. Verderamo never runs out of energy as he dances, juggles, and dazzles his way through every scene. Keeping with Verdamo beat for beat is the incredibly talented Grant Bailey as JoJo. For such a young performer, he has the comedic nuance of a seasoned veteran.

At the delightful heart of the show, we find the unlikely romance between Horton the Elephant (Dane Hutchinson) and Gertrude McFuzz (Rebekah Latshaw). Hutchinson is sweet and simple as Horton. With gentle, melodic vocals and a naïve innocence, Hutchinson beautifully underplays Horton, making him shine. Latshaw is a hilarious contrast. She is awkwardly loud and expressive, and it works perfectly. Every moment squeezes out the most comedy possible.

There are several other standouts in the cast. Barbara Walker is brassy and bold as Mayzie La Bird. Steve Flickinger and Sarah Sickles are adorable as Mr. and Mrs. Mayor. Cody Palmer shines in his small scene as Yertle the Turtle. Heather Bounds, Emily Elborn, and Caitlyn Ponte (Bird Girls) hold the show together with their beautiful harmonies. Frankie Gillette, Alicia Downs, and Steven Prichard are hilarious and musically impressive as the Wickersham Brothers.

The only disappointment in the cast was Tigga Smaller as Sour Kangaroo. Despite a powerful sounding voice, she was often just under pitch and was almost always hard to understand due to lack of enunciation. She also seemed to really concentrating, nervous, or bored throughout rather than creating what could and should have been a great character role. There was also no clear voice or character for the Baby Kangaroo puppet.

That one misstep aside, this is still a production well worth seeing. If you want your chance, you should probably hurry and advance order those seats for next weekend!


  • Cat in the Hat: Jamie Verderamo
  • JoJo: Grant Bailey
  • Horton the Elephant: Dane Hutchinson
  • Gertrude McFuzz: Rebekah Latshaw
  • Mayzie La Bird: Barbara Walker
  • Sour Kangaroo: Tigga Smaller
  • General Schmitz: Ed Elder
  • Mr. Mayor: Steve Flickinger
  • Mrs. Mayor: Sarah Sickles
  • Yertle the Turtle: Cody Palmer
  • Vlad Vladikoff: Gannon Webb
  • The Grinch: Codey Odachowski
  • Cindy Lou Who: Gracie Milanoski
  • Bird Girls: Heather Bounds, Emily Elborn, Caitlyn Ponte
  • Wickersham Brothers: Frankie Gillette, Alicia Downs, Steven Prichard
  • Whos: Tessa Beblo, Bridgette Boyle, Lindsey Cohen, Audrey Conrad, Delany Flickinger, Charlie Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Johanna Jones, Trevor Korn, Sydney Serio, Jessica Simonson, Ned Way, Annalia Webb
  • Jungle Creatures: Josie Brown, Allison Graham, Meredith Groff, Marissa Julian, Katrina Obarski
  • Sea Creatures: Tessa Beblo, Heather Bounds, Bridgette Boyle, Josie Brown, Alicia Downs, Allison Graham, Frankie Gillette, Meredith Groff, Trevor Korn, Charlie Johnson, Johanna Jones, Marissa Julian, Katrina Obarski, Cody Palmer, Steven Prichard, Codey Odachowski, Jessica Simonson, Gannon Webb
  • Cadets: Tessa Beblo, Lindsey Cohen, Trevor Korn, Jessica Simonson, Sydney Serio, Ned Way
  • Circus Members: Tessa Beblo, Heather Bounds, Josie Brown, Allison Graham, Meredith Groff, Trevor Korn, Marissa Julian, Katrina Obarski, Cody Palmer, Codey Odachowski, Jessica Simonson, Gannon Webb
  • Hunches: Heather Bounds, Josie Brown, Alicia Downs, Frankie Gillette, Allison Graham, Cody Palmer, Meredith Groff, Marissa Julian, Katrina Obarski, Steven Prichard
  • Hunters: Codey Odachowski, Tessa Beblo, Trevor Korn, Jessica Simonson


  • Direction: Tess Pohlhaus
  • Musical Direction: Niki Tart
  • Choreography: Bambi Johnson
  • Properties Design: Eyvo Johnson
  • Sound Design: Terry Edwards
  • Lighting Design: William A. Price III
  • Scenic Design: Bob Denton
  • Costume Design: Cynthia Wham
  • Stage Manager: Bevin Hensley
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Tyler Peterson
  • Backstage Crew: Dann Combs
  • Light Board Operator: Bevin Hensley
  • Sound Engineer: Terry Edwards
  • Sound Operator: Niki Tart
  • Fly Rail Operator: Matthew Wolffe
  • Spot Light Operators: Sondra McKeever, Kelly Wolffe
  • Scenic Painter: Jessica Brockmeyer

Disclaimer: Milburn Stone Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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