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Pumpkin Theatre Rapunzel

By • Dec 15th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Pumpkin Theatre
St. Timothy’s School, Stevenson, MD
Through December 18th
$13 In Advance/$15 At Door
Reviewed December 10th, 2011

Pumpkin Theatre’s Rapunzel is a musical retelling of the classic fairytale. A couple (Greg Guyton & Holly Gibbs) eventual succumbs to their envy of a neighbor’s garden and steals from it only to learn that the neighbor is a witch (Michele Jenkins Guyton). In return, the witch demands their first-born child. This results in poor Rapunzel (Elisa Dugan) living in a tower until she is discovered by a handsome prince (Michael Perrie, Jr.). The script is written with a young audience, approximately ages 3 – 6, in mind. Pumpkin Theatre’s production is solid and does a continued good job of speaking to that target audience.

In the title role of Rapunzel, Elisa Dugan does a great job and really brings some extra spunk to the character. As her prince, Michael Perrie, Jr. is absolutely delightful with his likeable stage presence and comedic delivery. He really steals the show. Michele Jenkins Guyton works a little too hard to steal the show back and is, at times, over the top in her portrayal. Greg Guyton, Stacey Needle, and Holly Gibbs round out the cast well and do a nice job in their supporting roles.

It is the technical elements in this production that really shine. The set is simple but magical and really transports you into the fairytale. The costumes possess that same magic and are intricate in every detail.

The end result is a pleasant afternoon for parents, which is certain to be magical for the youngest of audiences.

Cast of Characters

  • Rapunzel: Elisa Dugan
  • Prince Brian: Michael Perrie, Jr.
  • Simon/The Cobbler: Greg Guyton
  • Greta the Witch: Michele Jenkins Guyton
  • Storyteller 2/Innkeeper/Guard/Mop Woman: Stacey Needle
  • Storyteller 1/Cobbler’s Wife/Wigmaker/Queen: Holly Gibbs

Design Team & Crew

  • Director: James Hunnicutt
  • Stage Manager: Allyson Haley
  • Musical Director: Jeff Baker
  • Costume Design: Will E. Crowther
  • Costume Assistant: Sally Kahn
  • Lighting Design: Todd Mion
  • Properties Design: Ally Cribbs
  • Set Design: Ryan Michael Haase
  • Scenic Artist: Sarah Hickey
  • Stage Crew: Seth Glasser, Ashlyn Walderman
  • Carpenter: Steven Bainbridge
  • House Manager: Beth Weber

Disclaimer: Pumpkin Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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