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Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre Camp Rock, the Musical

By • Jul 12th, 2011 • Category: Reviews
Camp Rock, the Musical
Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre
CCBC-Essex, Baltimore, MD
Through July 17th
2:00 with intermission
Reviewed July 8th, 2011

Camp Rock the Musical is a stage adaptation of the popular Disney movie that originally starred Demi Lavato and the Jonas Brothers. It follows in the tradition of High School Musical with upbeat, pop-inspired musical numbers and an easy-to-follow plot chock full of good morals. Parents and children alike will really delight in this fun and entertaining production. The Royal Court Jesters is the children’s arm of Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, and everyone in this production was eighteen or under. The young people did an excellent job of bringing energy, consistency, and commitment to the show.

The protagonist of the show is Mitchie Torres (Allison Comotto). Comotto has a great pop voice and brings the consistent brassy energy necessary to carry the show. Her love interest, the lead member of a famous boy band of three brothers, is Shane Gray (Zach Miller). Miller has a nice voice and brings a lot of passion to his musical numbers. His brothers and band members are Nate (Gino Cardoni) and Jason (Josh Schoff). Cardoni is one of the brightest spots in the show, coupling a great voice with an excellent portrayal of comedic awkwardness. Schoff sparkles with his comedic delivery of some great one-liners. The story begins with the four being reunited for the second year in a row at Camp Rock, a camp that trains the stars of the future and is run by a former star, Brown Cesario (Collette Simkins). Simkins has an impeccable British accent and does a good job making her character seem older than those of her real-life peers.

The story revolves around the creation of a competing camp, Camp Star, by one of Brown’s ex-bandmates, Axel Turner (Brady Widener). Ultimately, the two camps are preparing for a competition to decide which is really superior. Camp Star’s two star performers are the daughter of a pop star and ex-Camp Rocker, Tess Tyler (Nicole Smith), and Luke Williams (Matthew Demetrides). Tyler does a great job of showing the layers underneath her seemingly superficial character, and Demetrides has excellent stage presence. In a sub-plot, Axel Turner’s daughter, Dana (Sheridan Merrick) is falling for Nate. Merrick has a really lovely voice and very natural delivery.

The real vocal standout in the show is Mimi Rinaldi in the role of Caitlin, although she doesn’t really get to show off her incredible range and control fully until the last number. Throughout, she is one of the strongest actresses; she seems completely comfortable on the stage. Another real standout is Carianne Cicero. As a member of the ensemble, she stands out consistently in every scene with her dance ability, energy, and charisma. In general, the ensemble has a lot of energy and is well-prepared to carry out the choreography in unison.

The cast is backed by a beautiful and simple set design and interesting and creative lighting. The show is well-directed, and the choreography is creative. Overall, this is a wonderfully entertaining production that is great for the whole family.


  • Mitchie Torres: Allison Comotto
  • Shane Gray: Zach Miller
  • Nate Gray: Gino Cardoni
  • Jason Gray: Josh Schoff
  • Caitlyn Geller: Mimi Rinaldi
  • Tess Tyler: Nicole Smith
  • Ella Pador: Zoe Feldman
  • Margaret “Peggy” Dupree: Autumn Simpson
  • Rosie Day: Rachel Miller
  • Barron James: Tyrell Stanley
  • Sander Loya: Emil Sueck
  • Andy Hosten: Alex Lucas
  • Brown Cesario: Collette Simkins
  • Georgina Farlow: Juliana Adetola
  • Camp Rock Campers: Olivia Aubele, Carrianne Cicero, Nina Cicero, Abby Cossaboon, Tiffany Flaharty, Philip Merrick, Allison Mudd, Valerie Stine
  • Dana Turner: Sheridan Merrick
  • Luke Williams: Matthew Demetrides
  • Axel Turner: Brady Widener
  • Camp Star Campers: Mattie Bayne, Wesley Brown, Justine Cerruto, James Claxton IV, Autumn Cole, Marion Comi-Morog, Kevin Cossaboon, Jared Davis, Thomas P. Gardner, Emma Hoey, Maddie Howard, Allison Naglieri, Hallie Parrott, James Ruth, Everett Simkins, Taylor Smith-Clarke, Tamara Whaley, Cyerah Zoeller

Production Staff

  • Director: Liz Boyer Hunnicutt
  • Musical Director/Keyboard: Patty DeLisle
  • Choreographer: James Hunnicutt
  • Dance Captain: Rachel Miller
  • Set Designer/Technical Director: Diane Smith
  • Lighting Designer: Diane Smith
  • Light Board Operator: Colleen Witowski
  • Spot Operators: Victor Brown, Peggy Witowski
  • Sound Designer/Operator: Joe Napolillo
  • Costume Coordinator: Tracy Bird
  • Stage Manager: Caitlin Witowski
  • Percussion: Lisa Wood, Nick Logus
  • Guitar: Christie MacDonald

Cockpit in Court Staff

  • Artistic Director: James Hunnicutt
  • Administrative Manager: Lisa L. Boeren
  • Producer: F. Scott Black
  • Executive Producer: Anne M. Lefter
  • Mainstage Technical Director: G. Maurice “Moe” Conn
  • Cabaret Technical Director: Nathan Best
  • Court Jesters Technical Director: Diane M. Smith
  • Resident Costumer: James J. Fasching
  • Properties Master: Amy Vickers
  • Box Office Manager: Lisa L. Boeren
  • Box Office Staff: Thom Purdy
  • Business Manager: Johanna Lawrence
  • Communications Assistant: Regina Rose
  • Promotional Photography: Amy Jones

Disclaimer: Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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  1. hi my name is Mimi Rinaldi, and I would just like to thank you for the wonderful review. You sat next to my mother on that Friday night, and she told me that she sat next to a reviewer, I’m guessing that was you. I just wanted to let you know that before we did the show today, i read it allowed to the cast, and let me tell you that this was the best performance we have ever done. Words of wisdom. We took what you said and made our show 100% better. Thank you very much.