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Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre The Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music
Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre: (Info) (Web)
Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre, Frederick, MD
Through March 15th
2:30 with intermission
$25 Show Only/$43-$47 Dinner/$33-$37 Children
Reviewed February 1st, 2013

The Sound of Music is a timeless classic that has once again found renewed interest following the recent movie adaptation. Unlike that recent movie adaptation, Way Off Broadway’s current production does not disappoint or fall short of expectations for the show. While the production also does not bring anything especially exciting or new to the off-produced production, it does solidly deliver a predictable and enjoyable evening for fans of the classic musical.

At the center of this production is the charming Melissa Ann Martin as Maria. She has endless energy, and it is easy to see why the von Trapp children flock around her. She stands at contrast to the stern Captain von Trapp (Steve Steele). Steele has a beautiful voice, and the audience watches his character soften throughout the show.

Absolutely delightful are the von Trapp children. They have all have great stage presence and sweet voices. Especially wonderful is Josephine Patane as Liesl. Patane has an incredibly strong voice and charisma. Her performance stands out with her delightful and realistic reactions throughout the show. “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” is an especially fun number, when she pairs with the talented Charlie Cizek (Rolf).

Another standout portion of the production are the intricate multi-part harmonies of the nuns of Nonnberg Abbey. Song after song, the sisters deliver with beautifully trained vocals. Tori Weaver also stands out in her small acting scenes as Sister Berthe. As the Mother Abbess, Maria-Giulia Bruni is stunning. She has a majestic, motherly presence and a voice like an angel.

Ideally cast in their roles are Jordan B. Stocksdale as Max and Mary Ellen Cameron as Elsa Schraeder. Stocksdale walks the fine line between the self-interested persona that is Max and the real friend underneath. Cameron is class and composure, and she creates an Elsa who is all wrong for the Captain but is not unlikeable.

One of the strongest elements of the production is using the curtain and blocking in such a way that scene changes always happen while action is ongoing, so there are never any pauses in the flow of the show. This way the audience can stay invested and in the moment throughout the enjoyable production. Fans of The Sound of Music will not be disappointed and should definitely go and enjoy this production during the rest of its run.

Photo Gallery

Melissa Ann Martin as Maria and Steve Steele as Captain von Trapp Melissa Ann Martin as Maria
Melissa Ann Martin as Maria and Steve Steele as Captain von Trapp
Melissa Ann Martin as Maria

Photos provided by Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre


  • Sister Margaretta: Johnna Leary
  • Sister Berthe: Tori Weaver
  • Mother Abbess: Maria-Giulia Bruni
  • Sister Sophia: Tiara N. Whaley
  • Postulant: Chelsea Bondarenko
  • Maria Rainer: Melissa Ann Martin
  • Captain Georg von Trapp: Steve Steele
  • Franz: Matthew Crawford
  • Frau Schidt: Hannah Pecoraro
  • Liesl: Josephine Patane
  • Friedrich: Cavin Davis/Luke Szukalski
  • Louisa: Macy Armagost/Megan Jacobs
  • Kurt: Abel Hart/Daniel Puckett
  • Brigitta: Annie Krop/Sarah Szukalski
  • Marta: Katharine Ford/Audrey Kilgore
  • Gretl: Charlotte Kilgore/Serena Parrish
  • Rolf: Charlie Cizek
  • Elsa Schraeder: Mary Ellen Cameron
  • Max Detweiler: Jordan B. Stocksdale
  • Herr Zeller: Matthew Mastermatteo
  • Admiral von Schrieber: Joseph Waeyaert
  • Ensemble: Johnna Leary, Tori Weaver, Tiara N. Whaley, Chelsea Bondarenko, Matthew Mastermatteo, Joseph Waeyaert

Behind the Scenes

  • Director: Samn Huffer
  • Music Director: Jordan B. Stocksdale
  • Stage Manager: Joseph Waeyaert
  • Orchestrations and Arrangements: Bill Kiska and Jordan B. Stocksdale
  • Lighting Design: Justin M. Kiska
  • Light Board Operator: Trey T. Kiska
  • Sound: Bill Kiska
  • Set Design: Samn Huffer
  • Set Construction: Samn Huffer, Bill Kiska, Trey T. Kiska, Jordan Stocksdale, Joseph Waeyaert
  • Costumes: Samn Huffer and Bill Kiska
  • Props: Justin M. Kiska and Joseph Waeyaert
  • Wigs: April Horn of Hair Worx Salon

Disclaimer: Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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