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Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre Social Security

By • Jun 18th, 2013 • Category: Reviews
Social Security
Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre: (Info) (Web)
CCBC Cabaret Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Through June 30th
2:00 with intermission
$28/$24 Seniors and Alumni
Reviewed June 15th, 2013

Social Security is a slightly risqué (ie: there were times I felt embarrassed watching with my teenage step-daughter but I never actually made her leave the room), situational comedy. The show was well-directed and well-paced so that it was never boring, but it was only once or twice actually laugh out loud hilarious. The one-room set and lighting are simple yet effective. There are a few excellent additions to the design like a wonderful painting which appears in Act II. Most notable, however, is that Cockpit in Court’s production is filled with stellar performances from the cast.

The show opens by introducing us to David Kahn (Greg Guyton) and his wife Barbara (Jennifer Skarzinski). David (Greg Guyton) and Barbara (Jennifer Skarzinski) are childless, city-dwellers; they are dreading a surprise visit from Barbara’s sister and her husband. Guyton brings life to the extroverted and charismatic David; while Skarzinski creates a slow build with the sometimes neurotic and always very real and transparent Barbara. The pair have excellent chemistry and a great timing and banter.

Barbara’s sister Trudy (Regina Rose) and brother-in-law Martin (Thom Peters) arrive, and they are very different than the Kahns. Rose is delightful in her curt portrayal of the eternally repressed Trudy, and Peters creates an entertainingly awkward Martin. The pair have travelled into the city on their way to Buffalo to save their daughter from trouble she has gotten into at college … and to, without any warning, drop off Barbara and Trudy’s mother, Sophie (Marge Ricci) to stay.

Ricci’s performance is just stunning. She is an incredibly nuanced actress, who actually makes the over-the-top Sophie so hilarious through subtle downplaying. There is one particular segment involving a house coat that is subtle physical comedy at its absolute best. Her character also changes and transforms in a very natural way. That transformation is the result of meeting Maurice Koenig (John Rowe). Rowe is charming in his part, and it is easy to see how he turns Sophie’s world around.

Cockpit in Court’s Social Security is an enjoyable evening filled with five memorable performances.

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  • David Kahn: Greg Guyton
  • Barbara Kahn: Jennifer Skarzinski
  • Trudy Heyman: Regina Rose
  • Martin Heyman: Thom Peters
  • Sophie Greengrass: Marge Ricci
  • Maurice Koenig: John Rowe

Production Team

  • Director: Albert J. Boeren
  • Technical Director: Kate Gage
  • Lighting Designer: Michael Rasinski
  • Light/Sound Board Operator: Lisa L. Boeren
  • Sound Designer: Albert J. Boeren
  • Costume Designer: James J. Fasching
  • Set Designer/Scenic Artist: Michael Rasinski
  • Stage Manager: Lisa L. Boeren
  • Build/Lighting Crew: Emily Andrews, Nichole Chaney, Devin McKay, Matt Norton, Sarah Senior, Joe Sigai, Tony Steiner, Patrick Youells

Disclaimer: Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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