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HCC Actors Guild Fairy Tale Courtroom

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Fairy Tale Courtroom
The Actors Guild of Harford Community College: (Info)
Howard Community College – Studio Theatre, Columbia, MD
Through December 15th
1:30 with intermission
$12/$8 Seniors, Youth, HCC Students
Reviewed December 7th, 2013

It’s the trial of the century in Fairy Tale land, and the audience in the jury. Hear the testimonies, see the evidence, and decide for yourself in two trials. This is the simple premise in Fairy Tale Courtroom, and the result is an enjoyable romp through bad — yet somehow funny — puns, silly pop culture references, and a mash-up of Brothers Grimm classics.

First, the audience meets the District Attorney, a certain Peter Pan, played with youthful exuberance by Tim Torre. As the Emcee for the evening, he spends time prior to each case, charming the audience young and old with interactive improvisation. This time may actually be what secured him two guilty verdicts on this particular evening. Aiding in the improvisation is Hans (Julian Archer), who is able to hold his own and speak volumes — even though he is literally just a pair of hands.

From there, we move into the first trial and meet B.B. Wolf, defending himself. It is hard to understand how anyone found him guilty after such an incredibly nuanced performance by Dave Panzer. Panzer creates such complete characters that it was almost impossible to realize that he appeared again as a totally different Defense Attorney in the second trial, where he represents the Wicked Witch.

Throughout there are tons of great comedic character bits as different characters take the stand. Some of the standouts include Connor Shea, as both Pig #1 and the Scarecrow, Lizzie Detar as Dorothy, Tawney Hallock-Sweet, as The Badger and Gretel, and Danielle Liggens as The Flying Monkey. The cast also remained in costume after the show to talk with the younger audience members and were very patient in answering their questions.

The real star of the show, however, was Jordan Wyandt. The costumes and especially the make-up design was absolute professional caliber. The set was also very nice, and the special effects used in making the Magic Mirror were outstanding.

Overall, the show was well-designed, well-directed, and full of entertaining performances. The only concern was that there were a few moments in the show that were questionable for the young, target audience.


  • Hans: Julian Archer
  • Toto: Bear
  • Sleeping Beauty: Andie Cappelletti
  • Dorothy: Lizzie Detar
  • Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Magic Mirror: Madeleine Favazza
  • Snow White: Taylor Feiss
  • Bailiff: Brian Fields
  • Judge: Joshua Fletcher
  • The Badger, Gretel: Tawney Hallock-Sweet
  • Lil’ Red Riding Hood, The Flying Monkey: Danielle Liggens
  • Pig #3, Prince Charming: Devin Metz
  • The Witch: Aimee O’Neill
  • Defense Attorney: Dave Panzer
  • Pig #1, Scarecrow: Connor Shea
  • Pig #2, Hansel: Jon Spivey
  • District Attorney: Tim Torre

Production Staff

  • Director: Leif McCurry
  • Producer: Ben Fisler
  • Stage Manager: Sarah Tweed
  • Technical Director/Scenic Director: Robbie Elliot
  • Assistant SM/Props Mistress: Leanna Whitley
  • Lighting Designer: Ryan Johnson
  • Costume Designer: Cortney Sudeck
  • Makeup/Hair Designer: Jordan Wyandt
  • Lightboard Operator: Joanna Adams
  • Backstage Crew: Joshua Kradz

Disclaimer: The Actors Guild of Harford Community College provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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