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Milburn Stone Theatre Carrie

By • Nov 1st, 2013 • Category: Reviews

The emotional story drew me in, and I cried. That is one of the best gauges of success in my opinion.

Spotlighters Theatre Fiddler on the Roof

By • Jul 29th, 2013 • Category: Reviews

Spotlighters has created an experience for its patrons. For the most part, I did feel like I was in Anatevka, privy to all the whisperings and Sabbath prayers.

Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre Me and My Girl

By • Jul 26th, 2013 • Category: Reviews

The company and crew of Me and My Girl are rewarded with an appreciative and sharp-eared audience who allows bright and comical strangers to lead them to a place where Duchess Maria is wrong in stating that “Love is for the middle class.”